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Mynewsdesk allows you to streamline your digital campaigns. Spend less time on routine tasks and more on what you do best. And most importantly, keep your stories relevant longer.

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Publish news releases, images and videos in a responsive, SEO-friendly brand newsroom, while instantly sharing your stories through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

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No more spreadsheets and endless databases. With Mynewsdesk you can upload your contacts directly to the platform, allowing you to identify and engage with your influencers effectively.

Measure results and prove ROI continuously.

With Mynewsdesk, you can know exactly how many read your emails, how many visited your newsroom and how long they stayed there. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Get started at a click of a button. Literally.

Mynewsdesk can be implemented in a few easy steps. Everything can be handled in-house, with minimal IT involvement, if at all. Your manager will love the distinct lack of extra costs.

Keep up with the latest tech trends and stay secure.

The Mynewsdesk team of hotshot developers keep our products and services up-to-date and entirely secure, so you can avoid using obsolete technology.

Great brands. Great newsrooms. Great stories.

Find out what some of our customers have to say about us and how we’ve helped them succeed.


L’Oréal Norway

“With Mynewsdesk, I can see who read my emails and I can follow up with them. I can see how many people visited the newsroom and how much time they spent there.”

Cathrine Stabel, Corporate Communications Manager

Cisco Services

“Mynewsdesk has changed the way we work. Using it on a daily basis, it’s had an effect on our mindset. If we have a great story today, we just put it up immediately!”

Jacintha Verdegaal, Marketing Manager

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

“Our Mynewsdesk newsroom has become our media center, our hub for all of our news releases, blogs, videos and images. It allows us to upload content just once and get that out to all our different audiences.”

Ruth Ryland, PR Executive

Great brands. Great newsrooms. Great stories.

Trusted by over 4000 companies, organisations and agencies across the world. Have a look at some of our UK customers' newsrooms below. Or check out Mynewsdesk’s own online newsroom.

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