Get Your Own Newsroom.

Simplify your PR work. Publish news releases, videos, and images in a search-engine optimized newsroom and share them instantly on your social networks.


Everything In One Place

It’s never been easier to manage and share your stories from one place. Your social media newsroom gives a complete overview of your digital PR activities.

  • Social media news release
  • Press contacts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Links
  • Current news
  • Network
  • Sharing

Customized Design

Fully customize the look of your newsroom and embed it on your own website.


Manage Your Network And Increase Your Influence.

Invite people to follow your news directly. Expand your personalized distribution lists.


Organize Your Network

Create personalized contact lists. Update contact details easily.

Excel Cvs Import from Excel and CVS


Strengthen Relationships

Invite key people to follow your newsroom and send exclusive content to your most important contacts.


Get Richer Social Profiles

View your contacts’ email addresses, Twitter names, job titles, phone numbers, and more.

Know Who’s Talking About You Online

Listen, find, and engage with the people that talk about your brand online.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and 40 000 other sources

Monitor conversations about your brand, industry, or competitors online, and instantly identify your key influencers.


Engage Instantly

Interact and take part in conversations directly.


Build Personal Relationships

Identify your key influencers and add them to your network.

Measure, analyse, and report everything.

View real-time results of your PR activities and create regular reports to analyse and take action.


Get the details

Analyse the exact reach and distribution of anything you publish in your newsroom.


Find the source

See which referring websites drove visitors to your newsroom and which countries your visitors are in.

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